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A Plug for the Nerdiest Fundraiser Ever: Pat Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders

I’ve got a few more content-heavy posts that should be going up in the next couple days, but in the meantime, I wanted to direct any loyal readers who aren’t yet familiar with it to the Worldbuilders fundraiser organized by Patrick Rothfuss (author of Name of the Wind). It’s an annual benefit he puts together for Heifer International, a combination of items for sale, items for auction, and a lottery, and in the last few years, it’s turned into a BIG deal in the nerd community. If you look at the list of sponsors on the main Worldbuilders page, there are some definite high-profile organizations from a whole range of nerd valences (including DAW Books, Good Old Games, Think Geek and Penny Arcade). And if you look at the stuff you can get if you donate, you’ll see why I’ve dubbed it the nerdiest of nerdy fundraisers.

A partial list of things you can get or attempt to get right now, today, by donating some money to this great cause…

Items for Sale (through Worldbuilders’ online store The Tinker’s Packs):

  • Signed copies of books by (among others) Peter V. Brett, Max Gladstone, Kameron Hurley, and many more, including both English-language and foreign-language editions.
  • A 2015 calendar by artist Karen Hallion with prints of various Disney characters meeting a man in a mysterious blue box.
  • Coins from the worlds of Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • All kinds of memorabilia evoking the world of Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles, including t-shirts and jewelry.

Items for Auction (the full list available on eBay here):

Items in the Lottery (for which every $10 buys you one ticket): games, books, variations on all of the above, and sometimes exceedingly cool limited edition things. In 2013, one of the lottery items was the opportunity to be a beta reader for a future work of Pat’s.

And so, there’s my pitch. Heifer is a good charity, well worth your investment, and should you use Worldbuilders as your investment strategy, you have the option of choosing, and the potential to win, some exceedingly awesome nerdy swag as your reward for giving.

I’m doing it. Y’all should go and do likewise 🙂

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